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The Small Print

Just a small note on how to look after our products. Although they are quite strong they are handmade and therefore may not be as strong as manufactured products. All items are part-machined and part hand-stitched, and although they love to be cuddled they may not withstand rough play.

And one last thing - your gorgeousness is delicate, so sponge wash only.

Privacy Policy

Lucy Mae Designs needs to collect personal information from the people we service (customers) and suppliers with whom we have a business relationship with to effectively and compliantly carry out our everyday business functions and activities, and to provide the products and services defined by our business type. This information can include (but is not limited to) name, address, email address, private and confidential information and payment details.

Under no circumstances will the company utilise this information for marketing purposes or share with a 3rd party.

All contact with individuals and suppliers is relative to the delivery of the contracted goods.