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Large Family Portrait Hoop


Image of Large Family Portrait Hoop

Large Family Portrait Hoop

This large wooden hoop measures a whopping 12”/30cm in diameter.
Hoops can include between 4 and 6 faces, unfortunately I can’t fit any more than that in.
Each member of your family is hand cut and made to look as close as possible, any hair style or colour can be used and characteristics such as glasses, freckles, beards etc can be added.
There really are no limits to the details you’d like added.
This size hoop takes a lot more work than my smaller hoops, each face and hairstyle has to be carefully layered while sewing so that it overlaps properly, they really are a labour of love.
Once you’ve placed an order, please contact me either through my website, Facebook or Instagram with photographs that I can work from to create your hoop for you.
Any queries please do pop me a message 💕

*these hoops are made to order due to their nature so please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery*